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Company USPOCHTA.COM – Smile And Satisfy Inc. offers a whole range of courier services by air from the USA to 150 countries of the world.       

Our goal — building a strong and long-term cooperation with the clients based on the high-quality services.

Employees of Company USPOCHTA.COM – Smile and Satisfy Inc. are high skilled, smart and initiative experts, having a broad experience in logistics both in the USA and beyond its borders. Doing business for clients, we offer both the standard services, and individual solutions.

We ensure the delivery of parcel, business documents and cargo (practically of all sizes) to the recipient’s location in the shortest possible term and for the least prices.

Due to real time shipment monitoring system we will be able always to know, where is your parcel at this moment.

You also will be able to use the customs and logistics services all over the territory of US.

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We ensure the delivery of parcel, business documents and cargo (practically of all sizes) to the addressee’s location in the shortest possible term and for the least prices.

Air Freight
Ocean Freight
Road Freight
Expedited Services

Receipt of Goods

Upon receipt of the parcel, it should be carefully examined all around. If you discovered the slightest external packing damage or if you had a suspicion that the parcel was opened and re-stuck, in this case, required to request the Carrier’s Special Certificate for Damage. After getting the Carrier’s Special Certificate for Damage, you need to notify the carrier that you are willing to open the parcel and to examine its content. Thus, the carrier prepares the Inspection Certificate, where the following should be specified:

  • Full name and carrier’s occupation;
  • Description of goods;
  • Cost of goods;
  • Quantity of damaged or missing goods.

The Certificate should be verified by the carrier’s signature. If there is no traces of opening, but you have a suspicion that the weight of parcel is less than it was specified, try to weigh the parcel yourself and inform the carrier that you want to open and check its content. The carrier shall be obliged to prepare the Inspection Certificate in which he specifies that this Inspection Certificate is prepared upon request of the client, that there were no claims regarding external appearance of the box, but during inspection in the parcel, the certain items were not revealed (required to specify what items are exactly missing). After preparation of above-mentioned documents it is required to notify the Company USPOCHTA.COM – Smile and Satisfy Inc. regarding the fact of missing of the certain items in the parcel, and to send the following documents to the Company in electronic form:

  1. Commercial Report (in case of external injury fact).
  2. Inspection Certificate.
  3. Picture of parcel or point of item’s fault.

Further actions of investigation and compensation are to be performed in our Company. Time for claims consideration is less than 30 days and more than 60 days.

Preparation of Consignments:

The Company does not make the shipment of consignments prohibited by the Convention of the Universal Postal Union and national legislations of the country of origin and the destination country. Non-compliance with the parcels’ sending rules can become the reason for prosecution on administrative and even on criminal sanctions both in the country of consignment, and in the recipient country.

The list of consignments, which export is controlled in the USA you can track at the website of the US State Department:

  • http://export.gov/regulation/eg_main_018219.asp.
  • http://www.bis.doc.gov/index.php/regulations/commerce-control-list-ccl


On parcels and in supporting documents the source address and recipient address are to be printed or written legibly by ink or ballpoint pen, in following order:

  • Surname and first names (in subjective case);
  • Apartment, house number, name of the street;
  • Name of district, area. location;
  • Postal index;
  • Country of destination;
  • Contact number of recipient (availability of phone number will help the fast delivery of parcel).

Supporting documents:

To each parcel it has to be attached the customs declarations CN23 in five copies. The blank forms have to correspond to the Convention of the World Postal Union. For parcels to the Russian Federation should be filled the “Individual Consignment Note”.

Filling of the customs declaration CN23 on which depends the customs registration and passage of a parcel across the state borders is the most important. The all columns in the customs declaration should be filled according to the form. The list of contents of the parcel is to be specified in details, and namely: it is required to specify the description of items, quantity of each item, its cost. Specifying the items during writing at the customs declaration by the general expressions (second-hand items, etc.) is not allowed. Such kind of parcels are to be opened up by the customs house for check of items, and that lead to increase of parcels delivery periods.

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